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Welcome to LoHi – Lower Highland

An oxymoron? Perhaps .. let’s take a closer look.

It really all started in 1858 The Gold Rush was on two towns being formed Auraria and Denver City Both on either end of Platte River and Cherry Creek both doing their best to claim one city dominant of the other. Then along comes General William Larimer, he had his eyes on an area across the Platte. This third community was known as Highland. Soon it became clear these cities were going to need to somehow find ways to work together in order to maintain and thrive. 1859 they merged to become Denver. Highland designated as “North Denver.” Just a year later on February 28, 1861, Congress stepped in and formed the Colorado Territory. Now within Highlands there were many players who helped form the beautiful neighborhoods we enjoy today but the road to our current configuration has taken many twists and turns.

One of the many challenges was how to cross the Platte to and from Highlands to Denver, thus the streetcar was born… looking back, it was light years ahead of its time. The demise of our streetcar was the automobile. Funny how now we are coming full circle and once again looking at ways to minimize the use of cars and building beautiful walking bridges and electric scooters to help alleviate the congestion of traffic.

You may know Potter Highlands on the western edge of LoHi. You can thank the reverend Walter McDuffie Potter and his sister Lucy who eventually homesteaded 320 acres. We lost the reverend at the young age of 29 in 1866. However, his legacy lives on today. With a 6 block residential district which remains to this day. LoHi today is in a word vibrant. Homes for sale in LoHi are as electric as the residents who call this area home. Here you’ll find Historic Victorian homes nestled near Duplexes for sale, as well as many Bungalows for sale dating back to the early 1900’s. Of course as time has gone on, many new townhouses for sale have been built and replaced many of the older homes which had either become too expensive to upkeep or otherwise too far gone to save.

The Millennium Bridge is an architectural marvel, better perhaps known as simply the Highlands bridge. Here you can quickly go from LoHi to Downtown in minutes either on foot, bike or scooter.

If you have not considered buying a home in LoHi, I encourage you to take a stroll through the neighborhood. Grab Happy Hour at Linger. Linger is a prime example of how to take something old and make it new again. The space once was home to O’Linger Mortuary. Today it's one of the best places to grab a drink and unwind. They are continued to honor the past with fun decor and drink names with a play on the historic use of this space. There are too many eateries, coffee houses, small shops and bars to name them all. Little Man Ice cream is a crown favorite as is Old Major for a classic manhattan and delicious menu.

For an up-to-date list of Homes for sale in LoHi scroll below.

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